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Personalized baby gifts

The best gifts are often the ones are tailored to the recipient, and personalized baby gifts are no different. Of course, there are varying degrees of personalization, ranging from baby clothes embroidered with the child's name, to simply choosing an arrangement of the new mother's favorite flowers. But whatever the case, gifts that are chosen based on the person are always better than something more generic.

Onesies are often used as personalized baby gifts because they are inexpensive, and can be easily customized. These staples of baby clothing are much like t-shirts, in that just anything can be printed or embroidered on the front, In fact, some online retailers specialize in creating unique and sometimes slightly irreverent alternatives to the cutesy designs one normally finds from local baby retailers. These onesies are especially popular with younger parents who are considered part of "generation X".

Not all personalized baby gifts are intended for the child. Parents often enjoy receiving a personalized gift to commemorate the birth of their child. Gifts such as engraved picture frames, "bootie" Christmas tree ornaments, and even a scrapbook can be a great way to say congratulations to a new parent.